Los Angeles, West Side Serial Killer/Rapist is Caught!

Police say John Floyd Thomas was a serial killer.


4 Responses to “Los Angeles, West Side Serial Killer/Rapist is Caught!”

  1. Mythslayer Says:

    Bet you wont see this story air’d anywhere in the MSM. Cause its a fucking porch monkey killing and raping ALL WHITE VICTIMS. You best remember these beasts are not your friends no matter how much they smile in your face. When the shit hits the fan, they will all stick together with their own kind. Which is what the whites should do too. These niggers ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE. The minute you forget that and let your guard down, thats when you become a statistic of this site. These motherfuckers will ALWAYS bite the hand that feeds them. You better learn, and learn fast. The time is near at hand. PEACE

  2. niviusvir Says:

    Myth, you have the nigger figured out. You’re right on the money. All they think about is screwing white women and smashing a white man’s head in.

    Many of them are forced to pray on whites because niggers understand each other. They read each other like a book. They have greater difficulty bullshitting each other, because they understand themselves and the hand genetics has dealt them.

  3. Journalist Instance Of Massive Implications For Culture
    (Apollonian, 11 May 09)

    By golly Nivius, thanks ever so much for these incredible stories and video presentations u provide.

    This latest about this amazing nigger, J.F. Thomas, is absolutely stupefying–I swear. All his dozens of victims white?–mind-boggling. And it goes to show how perversely stupid these negroid animals are, so given to being taught–just like TRAINED animals, again–to going out and attacking white people–as white folks are designated as so thematically blame-worthy for negroidal discomfiture, regardless how stupid or petty.

    This is just the beginning, I’m sure, for an incredible revelation as to exactly how this nigger was brought up, what he did and said throughout his life, and how it reflected upon the Jew-liberal slandering of white Christians. And “Christians” surely lost the necessary meaning of their culture and religion.

    Thus we absolutely need racial separatism and a military-type reaction for dealing with this racial problem.

    CONCLUSION: Of course, it goes further than mere racial problem–it’s a crisis of basic cultural ethic, as we see the old Christian HONESTY in honor of Truth is/was overthrown in favor of hubristic, hereticalist “good-evil” (Pelagianism, Pharisaism) and GUILT. Honest elections. Apollonian

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