Deadly Plot Uncovered and Stopped

Two Washington, DC, area students planned on tossing nail bombs into a principal’s office. They also planned on cutting a natural gas line, exposing it to an incendiary device thus leading to an explosion. Fortunately, the two were stopped.

Click here
for the story, with video, or watch below.


One Response to “Deadly Plot Uncovered and Stopped”

  1. Society Breaking Down At Behest Of Satanic ZOG-Mammon Gov.
    (Apollonian, 3 May 09)

    Incredible story, Nivius. It really seems people are successfully being conditioned by ZOG-Mammon to hate one another in our society, races hating other races, etc.

    CONCLUSION: It reminds me of Columbine in Colorado, ten yrs ago, when at least a couple out of a bunch of Jew students there decided to atavistically kill–esp. Christians (see for details). Of course the Jew part of it all was sedulously covered-up by the “Jews-media.” Honest elections. Apollonian

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