Police Crackdown in the Baltimore Area

Congratulations to the police that are establishing checkpoints in Baltimore, as a result of the standard Negroid gun violence.


Click here for the story and video, or watch below.

Also, not that it is a matter of great importance but, there are a couple impostors that are frequenting the blog, which I know happens. Just simply be aware that barracudas and barracuda lovers are in our midst. In the meantime, we’ll keep reporting the savagery.


5 Responses to “Police Crackdown in the Baltimore Area”

  1. Johnzoil Says:

    I heard Baltimore has a reputation for being extremely violent, possibly one of the most violent cities in the U.S, so this is welcome, but long overdue. Incidentally, is it a coincidence it has a high proportion of ‘enrichers’.

  2. niviusvir Says:

    Good points John.

    I have relatives of a friend traveling there soon. I hope for them to have a safe trip. I know how dangerous the wilds of a concrete jungle like Baltimore can be.

  3. And to think that SO MANY of these once NICE cities are now replete with TNB.
    Disgusting…utterly disgusting.

    If these cities want to make money to “offset” all the damn welfare baby-mama-hos, they should start calling them (drive-thru) ZOOS.

    (just keep the windows UP, kids)

  4. niviusvir Says:

    “(drive-thru) ZOOS” LOVE IT BOB – LOVE IT!

  5. NV:
    Yeah, they have a SIX FLAGS SAFARILAND over in NJ …but there was always ONE difference between THAT place and neighborhoods like MINE today…
    In SAFARILAND, all THOSE wild animals were a LOT better behaved (even if the cappucine monkeys DID crap on the car once in a while)…LOL!

    Anytime I want to go to our Childrens’ Zoo here, I figure why PAY for it, when I can see all up close and personal…for FREE.
    (actually our TAX money fronts all this)

    I only go to OUR zoo when I want to see NATURE’S animals…not the ones that mankind has produced.

    But that’s “just” me…


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