Female Savage Involved in Murder of Elderly Couple. I knew it!


When I saw this story of an elderly Jefferson Davis county, MS, couple being strangled, I immediately knew there must be a Negroid involved! And after seeing that an arrest was made, it’s apparent that once again, my “stereotyping” skills have prevailed!

Click here for story, Click here for video, or watch below.


6 Responses to “Female Savage Involved in Murder of Elderly Couple. I knew it!”

  1. Stereotyping? I prefer “pattern recognition”.

  2. niviusvir Says:

    You’re right LFD; I forgot to place my quotation marks around the word stereotyping. I do worry sometimes that my sarcasm will not be detected.

    You make a very logical point; “pattern recognition” sounds far more accurate in describing “events” such as this.

  3. She’s satanic and her picture above shows. Black female savages are a menance to society along with her male counterpart.

  4. I’ve often used that phrase for the great White brainwashed. If they say something like “I’m not a racist or anything, but……”. I’ll say “Of course, you’re not being racist. You’re just engaging your pattern recognition”. So far, it has just stopped them in their tracks. They inevitably get a thoughtful look on their face.I like to think it gets them started thinking on the road to realization.

  5. Just had an spear-chucker here in Ft. Wayne CONVICTED (FORTY YEARS!) of beating an elderly couple and then stealing their credit card (he used it within a hour after stealing it).

    Good work by the local PD (and video cams that caught his sorry black ass).
    Score one for the good guys!

    “Pattern Recognition”…I love it!!!
    (and plan to use it a LOT from now on)


  6. niviusvir Says:

    Bob, that is awful news but, fortunately the outcome was better, although not completely desirable. If some sorry ass piece of garbage is simian enough to beat elderly people, they to receive pain.

    A friend of mine and myself are having a debate from time to time on the phone. I always say, “They need to just horse whip his ass.” and he replies “No, I believe a flogging would be more suitable.” So the question is, which method would be more suitable – flogging or horse whipping?

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