Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured (Update)

A while back I posted a story about an ex-CIA contractor being beaten to death by a group of males, in the Washington, DC area (Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured), and his wife nearly suffered the same fate. She thankfully survived.

In the post I took a vote. I asked if the people reading the post believed the assailants were minorities. By using our amazingly accurate stereotyping skills, one hundred percent of us voted that the assailants were minorities. They have made arrests in the case. And to the surprise of very few – they were in fact, minorities. Congratulations on your powers of deduction, all of those that voted.

Click here for the update of the story, and the inevitable outcome that we all foresaw.



2 Responses to “Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured (Update)”

  1. There is no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism.

  2. Patriotism Is Most Effective When According With Proper Christian Principles–Including Most Especially, REASON
    (Apollonian, 28 Apr 09)

    Nivius, I note above “orion” tells us about “intelligence,” and I only wonder how he thinks he knows anything about the subject, something upon which he’s very unclear and surely un-qualified to be talking about.

    And don’t worry, “orion” NEVER “lowers” himself to debate or discuss any issue even if he happens to come across any dissent to his assertions. As soon as he sees “Apollonian,” he knows he must immediately move on to something more suited to child’s level.

    For there’s serious problem regarding the style and mode of “white nationalism.” For note there’s the anti-Christ version of Alex Linder/VNN (VanguardNewsNetwork.com) who works for Jews to divide white people (a), and (b) to ISOLATING whites against everyone else, enabling Jews to pretend they are champions of the non-whites against “white supremacists.”

    My own method is to emulate St. Constantine the Great, uniting all gentiles against the Jews, ISOLATING the Jews, this while keeping that Christian virtue of HONESTY and thus racial separatism–which honesty and racial separatism, not to mention anti-semitism, is and can be shared by all races of self-respect, including even some (or many) blacks.

    “Niggers” are merely the suckers who go along with Jews for deliberate hatred of whites qua whites. Unfortunately there sure are lots of these stupid niggers, aren’t there?

    So the question to “white nationalism” then is how exactly to proceed? And I reiterate that basic Christian program, esp. Gosp. JOHN theme of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. Truth then only requires that Greek premise of OBJECTIVE REALITY as the criterion–this, against Jew subjectivism which is foundation for all their typical lies. The fundamental issue then further translates to simple REASON vs. Mysticism.

    And note I feature and emphasize a Christianity which is strictly rational, which rejects mysticism–again, objective vs. subjective. “Faith” then only properly means LOYALTY.

    And I specifically pt. out the WEAK-POINT for Judeo-conspiracy which is “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org) hereticalists who are taught “Jesus was Jew” (hence Talmudist), which is obvious lie, Christ rejecting Talmud very clearly as at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13.

    So Nivius, that’s my own understanding and advocacy for “white nationalism,” such as I apprehend the issue–though I prefer the more simple and un-assuming “patriotism” appellation.

    CONCLUSION: Patriotism then must be compatible with Christian anti-semitism, Christianity understood most rationalistically. And finest model then are the original American patriots. Immediate problem then, and most inviting target for patriot and Christian activists are the JC hereticalists and suck-alongs to Jews, esp. the leadership, as the rank-and-file are mostly dupes. The task is to ISOLATE the Jews and REMOVE them–as for Jew-Expulsion. Honest elections.

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