Cops Patronize Prostitutes, Some are Minors

I have respect for good officers but, these pieces of trash do not fall under that category.


One Response to “Cops Patronize Prostitutes, Some are Minors”

  1. Mythslayer Says:

    So dees cops was getting da hookers into their cars on a supposed or not prostitution rap. Driving dem somewhere(ho-napping), saying I’ll let you go if you blow me (no charges) then I be seeing you next week.BTW, protection from me an my homies cost extra. Oh….you got a cousin dats 16. I sho like to meet dat one in the back seat a my squad car. And this is just the shit they got caught for. Just think of all the dope,cash, guns from the dealers and protection rackets they was probably working. Daaaamn. Cops around the world do this shit daily. These ones just got caught. Peace

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