Thief Uses Cop Car in Crime

A man used a former police car while committing a robbery. This was in the Jackson, MS, area.


Click here for story, video included.


2 Responses to “Thief Uses Cop Car in Crime”

  1. mythslayer Says:

    Their ONLY real concern is the ex-de facto cop car. Niggars be robbin n killin an shit all da time. No big deal. Just another day in da hood.

  2. I recently notified our quadrant captain (FWPD) here about an increasing number of “ex-police” cars being driven by blacks…with only ONE purpose:

    Since these cars are easy (and pretty cheap) to get…it’s better than a POS hand-me-down…and they STILL have a huge trucnk for all that stereo shit.
    ANd they do make nice “Donks”…(morons)
    Maybe these places that sell former cop cars should be a bit more “selective” when choosing WHO should buy their wares?

    I mean it’s pretty OBVIOUS when you see a CROWN VIC, or a rather new IMPALA (and the black guy is in the FRONT seat for a change but w/o a uniform or any type of police ID)…all ONE COLOR body with a SPOTLIGHT on the driver side A pillar, isn’t it?

    I take pictures of all of them, get the tag numbers and ask the FWPD captain to BOLO these people…
    And I also did a post a while back on these guys.
    I plan to do another when summer hits.

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