Pharmacist Shoots Back

One criminal in Augusta, GA, discovered some pharmacists shoot back.


Click here for story, with video included.


4 Responses to “Pharmacist Shoots Back”

  1. Fantastic. I hope the store has the sense to give him an award.

  2. Awesome. Utterly awesome. The old guy is a hero. Too bad he didn’t hit his mark. Needs more practice. Now watch CVS relieve him of his duties for having a gun at work.

  3. Analysis Of Large Cultural Problem Isn’t Difficult–If We Just Heed Gosp. JOHN Analysis–Truth Vs. Jew Lies
    (Apollonian, 15 Apr 09)

    Comrade Nivius: this is all such a joke. Niggers should simply be segregated and removed to camps. And of course center of all the organized problems for our society is the power behind the COUNTERFEIT conspiracy which is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)–see for expo/ref.

    But of course, this above-rendered analysis has complications–precisely because the COUNTERFEITERS are brilliant for their investment of funds, so many people imagining the Fed is a “good” institution which provides “prosperity”–thus the MAMMON god.

    Another factor is COUNTERFEITERS actually fund a tremendous portion of so-called “Christians” (actually “Judeo-Christian” [JC] hereticalists), these stupid scum actually then worshipping Jews and Israel–incredible but true.

    But JCs are really also the veritable WEAK-POINT to Judeo-conspiracy (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), against which a determined Christian campaign can verily have most excellent effect. For most of the JCs are genuinely looking for real Christianity.

    And that’s how we patriots can have serious, substantial effect simply preaching TRUTH, theme to Gosp. JOHN, for example. For Christ was NOT NOT NOT “Jew” (which is a Talmudist by definition–see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

    CONCLUSION: Indeed, Christ explicitly condemned and cursed Talmud (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) and Talmudists (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). So my pt. is we patriots DON’T have to get mystic–we only have to be truthful and to-the-pt. for these poor JCs, setting them straight for the simplest info. JCs are simply being played for suckers by topmost criminal COUNTERFEIT conspirators. Honest elections. Apollonian

  4. mythslayer Says:

    You can’t have an honest soceity or culture when the Talmudic Jew Zionists run the government and own just about everything because of usury. Just look around you. This is what they do, and have done throughout time.A nation in tatters and broke. Thank You Jews. This isnt the first and it wont be the last time they’ve destroyed a culture and a nation. But I’m just preaching to the choir, eh?

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