Church Parking Lot is Not Safe

This is another story from the Miami area. The same area that used to be a beautiful and relatively safe place to live.


4 Responses to “Church Parking Lot is Not Safe”

  1. Wouldn’t want to scrub my basement floor with that mop

  2. mythslayer Says:

    Where he tried to “use” the credit card. Hah !! You got some ID ? Uh…… uh…..uh. Just this white woman’s. She’s my mom. She jus wan sum a dim newport cigrettes, sir !!! Oh yea, an dis here MD 20/20.

  3. niviusvir Says:

    MadDog 20/20, now that says class.

  4. Back in Philly, we had several members of our church PATROL the street during service, as we had cars broken into…
    Kinda sucked when you wanted to go to church to HEAR THE SERMON…!
    That’s what happens when society trashes morality, civility, and ethical behavior for something a bit more “entertaining”.

    Newports & MD 20/20….LMAO!
    (breakfast of “chimpions” in MY part of ‘da hood’)


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