2 More Savages Gun Down a Submissive Clerk

I know “it’s not nice to stereotype” (sarcasm) but, is anyone detecting a slight pattern?


5 Responses to “2 More Savages Gun Down a Submissive Clerk”

  1. mythslayer Says:

    I was just wondering if it’s okay to use the word “NIGGER” in this forum. However, I would also put before that word….scumbag, worthless, piece of shit, Etc…. NIGGERS exist in every race of every color. It describes who and what your about and what type of person you are. These ones just happen to be black.Not my fault. When caught they ought to be publicly hanged and allowed to rot in the sun. That “might” deter future ones from doing it. Oh wait, I forgot. The mentality of these beasts does’nt allow forethought or (of)consequences of commiting crimes. Peace……

  2. Inductive Logic: It’s Good For Our Health, Survival
    (Apollonian, 11 Apr 09)

    Well comrade Nivius, consider the actual meaning of the term, “stereo-typing”; what does it really mean?–isn’t it really a form of the word, “generalizing”–which itself is synonymous with “induction”?–so isn’t it really a matter of correct inference and induction, necessary parts of science?

    For example, if u see one horse with four feet, then another and another, doesn’t the inductive conclusion begin to offer itself: “golly, I think ALL horses have four feet”? So, it’s just a matter of thinking consistently for one’s safety. Negroids are and can be dangerous animals–IT’S PROVEN; look, we can see for ourselves–that’s mere matter of inductive logic–it’s just good science.

    Same inductive process goes for Jews: “THEY’RE ENEMIES, stupid.”

    And it’s what Homer, and Plato, and St. Augustine, and Machiavelli, and Hobbes, and Darwin, all those wise white men, all teach us: life is war; life sucks; life is a dangerous thing, comrades.

    But enemies tell us that “morality” should trump reality and truth–“it’s not nice to suspect Jews or negroids–or whoever.”

    Yes, it’s a “morality,” all right–arranged and contrived to serve someone’s purposes and interests. “U cannot be anti-semitic”–so who’s interests does that serve?

    Thus it is we’re given the choices–(a) to being wise and heeding science and inductive logic–(b) or being stupid and being “moral,” ignoring that necessary induction, and logic, and self-interest.

    CONCLUSION: And thus we see the only real and true “morality” is what’s consistent and logical for induction and ALL THE REST OF REALITY–a “realistic morality”–the morality of HONESTY in accord with TRUTH and reality; it’s what our wisest and best of our ancestors tried to teach us. Apollonian

  3. niviusvir Says:

    I could give less than a shit if you use the word Nigger. I believe in freedom of speech, and if you choose to use that word, let it fly.

    I once heard a nigger say, “you can’t chain a man’s tongue. And those were very true words.

  4. Blacks are of course disproportionately criminal — vastly so. The evidence speaks for itself…when allowed to do so. For example, Black males are less than ten percent of the population but they are responsible for over half of all murders. But the media does everything it can to keep the average news consumer from realizing this. Because it might cause Whites to question the value of “diversity”, which is a sacred cow. Anyway, think about that the next time someone in the Obama administration says we are all cowards and we need to talk more about race. What kind of conversation do they have in mind?

  5. niviusvir Says:

    I agree, eh. They do try their damdest to manipulate everyone’s perception of reality.

    Some whites are intimidated to talk about how savage niggers are because, in an ironic twist, their is a good chance the savage will snap and use just that – VIOLENCE, during a discussion.

    You cannot discuss with a nigger. If proven wrong, the will become highly aggressive, and raise the level of their voice to a level of drowning you out. They are creatures that rely heavily on dominance, not logic. That’s why they hate the internet: they can’t scream over top of somebody else, or threaten them with body language or actual physical violence.

    They are masterful at using their body language to assert some type of dominance. I’ve watched them use this technique quite often, in order to gain some control. Every move they make is calculated. All you blacks that read(monitor) this blog, you know I’m right.

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