Robber Shoots Army Guardsman Who Was on His Way to Buy Some Chips


Carlis Franks, a 21-year-old Army National guardsman of Atlanta, says he was on his way to buy some chips. When suddenly, he found himself in a gun battle. He was shot but, he shot back and repelled the assailants. It is unknown if the criminals were hit.

I found a couple of the comments from people being interviewed, interesting. A black woman in the interview makes the comment, “It is what it is.” And a man being interviewed said, “It’s gettin’ to where you can’t even go to da sto no mo, folks tryin to rob you'”

These are the words of blacks. These are not my words. They know, that they are surrounded by the violence of their own people.

Watch the video and read the story by clicking here.


One Response to “Robber Shoots Army Guardsman Who Was on His Way to Buy Some Chips”

  1. …And they do NOTHING (cuz dat’s de EAZY way out)…as USUAL.
    Every frigging killing in OUR city done BY blacks TO blacks is met with the same “yeah, we’re gonna do sumthin’ NOW” bullshit…and again, nothing gets done.

    Apparently they must LIKE the staus quo in their neighborhoods…

    As a white living AMONG such people (cause not enough whites would take a stand and keep the house THEY paid for), I see their particular (black) brand of APATHY daily, whether it’s having a BBQ out FRONT of the house, walking down the damn middle of the street (instead of using the city’s sidewalks), public urination, trash tossing, open container violations, gunfire, or whatever OTHER “fun” things these primates want to do with impunity

    Lord help any OTHER race that wants to honestly work with their community and suggest REAL SOLUTIONS.
    As for MY solution?
    I got 115 grains of “solution”…just waiting for some takers.

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