Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured

William and Cynthia Bennet

William and Cynthia Bennet

I have been monitoring this story from the outset. While walking along a trail in the Washington, DC area, ex-CIA contractor William Bennet was beaten to death by approximately “4 or 5 or maybe even more” members of a murderous group.

Cynthia Bennet, the wife of the slain man, survived the attack. She has been talking to police. Law enforcement officials have not given a description of the assailants. They are claiming there is no link to Mr. Bennet’s past and this crime.

I read this comment from another viewer of this story. I tend to agree.

“SO she seen the attackers, just ‘people’. No description. Not MASKED people or White People. We ALL KNOW IT WAS HISPANIC GANGS! TELL THE DAM TRUTH LYING NEWS MEDIA.”

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One Response to “Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured”

  1. The Logic Of Being “Randomly Beaten To Death”
    (Apollonian, 9 Apr 09)

    So this was a “random” attack?–hmmmm–exactly what is that?–I guess it’s like u’re in a group of like-minded people, and all of a sudden someone says, “hey, let’s kick crap outa’ someone.” And the other guys all say, “yeah, by golly, let’s do that–sounds like great fun.” Who would do such a thing–a “random attack”?

    In first place, these surely would be drug-heads–that’s if we’re to continue to assume the premise in logic about “random attack.” But even drug-heads who might perpetrate such an “attack” would still require some sort of more specific motivation.

    For there would have to be at least a little planning–it looks like perpetrators made sure to carry out attack under fairly concealed circumstances, for example–making approach and get-away fairly successfully, rather a “clean hit,” it was.

    Are there people who are taught to hate other people?–unquestionably yes–who are they?–they’re blacks and minorities who are taught white people are their oppressors, etc. Who does the teaching?–JEWS–these are the only ones aside fm their suck-alongs among gentiles, like queers.

    So then by the logic of the situation we begin to be able to visualize the most likely suspects: black or minority drug-heads well-programmed, abused by queers when they were young and taught to hate whites, for example. Do these gangs of minority drug-heads exist?–UN-QUESTIONABLY–as Jews un-questionably make sure of it.

    CONCLUSION: Just think about the likelihood of being “randomly beaten to death”–could it really happen?–sure–but then how? And Jews (existence thereof) then explain how, truly. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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