Same Exact Shit, Over and Over

Study their savagery towards one another.


3 Responses to “Same Exact Shit, Over and Over”

  1. NV:
    First off, RAP is NOT (nor ever has been) ANY type of music OR art form…it’s GARBAGE (and that’s an insult to the garbage I put out for pickup every week…lol)

    Second, while murder is deplorable, killing ANY gangsta-rapper is OK by me….waste ’em all.

    Third, this is SO TNB.

    We have the same s**t go down in Ft. Wayne, and the “community” reacts by saying this violence must stop.
    I never see ANY blacks out marching in the neighborhoods they NEED to, to dissuade these thugs.

    And don’t dare offer any advice…not from any white person…and God help the police if they try to enforce the LAW in a black community…they get SUED every week.

    If these blacks want to make a REAL difference…move back to AFRICA and help out THERE…they need it a lot more than we do.
    Plus, they don’t mind all the killing…they’ve been doing it for centuries…with the same result: NO PROGRESS as a society.
    But that’s just *my* opinion.


  2. niviusvir Says:

    As usual, your points are right on Bob. They will continue to demonstrate their inability to maintain organization.

  3. mythslayer Says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime. Not that it would help, but it sure would be entertaining.

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