Is Mayor Targeting Whites?

Michael Nutter

Michael Nutter

Defense lawyer Joseph Santaguida has accused Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter of racist driven crack down on white delinquent tax payers only.

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One Response to “Is Mayor Targeting Whites?”

  1. Looks like (former) Mayor Street taught HIM well…

    Then again, if most of the do-nothing blacks (on welfare who trash up the once nice parts of Philly) actually held a REAL JOB and PAID SOME FRIGGING TAXES, maybe the city wouldn’t be going down the crapper, hemorraghing money out the ass.
    Nutter (and the state) STILL owes the PPD (police) over $6 MILLION bucks for unpaid wages and pension monies due!

    And I won’t even get into the (new) Black Panthers being allowed to publicly call for the “killing of whitey” on the damn streets in that city, using megaphones…that’s a travesty.

    It sure as hell ain’t the city I was born and grew up in any longer, that’s for sure.
    God, how I miss the RIZZO era there…

    One thing Philly (our cradle of LIBERTY) seriously needs…is an ENEMA.
    But Philly DOES have the best CHEESESTEAKS and HOAGIES!
    (just don’t move there)


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