Cops Are Becoming Sick of It

“Mayor Gordon accuses the Maricopa County Police Department in Arizona for racial profiling. Mayor Gordon is standing with activist groups. The police department arrest people for criminal defenses, illegal immigration, etc. They are put on the line against the illegal immigrants that are coming in from Mexico, and they are the only line of defense when they come into the state. Honors for this video.”

– 0bamasecrets of YouTube


4 Responses to “Cops Are Becoming Sick of It”

  1. Men In Front Lines Are Being Harassed From Behind–But By Who?
    (Apollonian, 7 Apr 09)

    Excellent video, but I guarantee the powers-that-be are just laughing as the men (deputies) are obviously quite stressed–and this is what makes the powers laugh so much, indubitably, as such powers are such gross perverts. And these powers are same ones, of course, who were behind the 9-11 attacks which were then blamed on “Al Qaeda” which is a CIA-MOSSAD front. Problem is MUCH MORE than mere illegal immigrant invaders.

    For what deputies in video don’t understand is “racism” is actually just LOYALTY, consistent with 5th commandment, “Honor thy race” (parentage), and unquestionably an outstanding virtue. But Sheriff’s deputies aren’t typically intellectuals, unfortunately, and they’re simply being played with by “powers” who manipulate money, politicians, lawyers, and the media to engineer events for their own purposes.

    What’s happening in general is USA is being psychologically “treated” and conditioned for demoralization as the “end-game,” according to Alex Jones, for example, is applied, USA to be submerged within World Government and the New World Order (NWO).

    CONCLUSION: People must rally upon core, basic principles–which can’t just be intellectual as so few are capable (as we see by the officers in the video). Hence, no matter what the various patriots may think, something more than intellect must be invoked–something aesthetic and sentimental–like Christianity, though NOT MYSTICISM, but rather a rationalist Christianity instead, I’d recommend. Anyway, it was good video, again, showing the stressed condition of our good men in the “trenches,” so to speak. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Fan-TAS-Tic!!!
    I have got to show this to some officers I know…

    We’ve got something similar here in Ft. Wayne, only it’s not w/ Hispanics (yet)…
    In areas like MINE (that has embraced the “dark” side of humanity) over the last 10 years, we’re ALWAYS hearing about the black community calling the FWPD on the carpet for “racial” profiling, when all these officers are doing is THEIR JOB, not matter the skin color. It’s called CRIMINAL profiling, people.

    If you’re breaking the law, expect to get arrested or ticketed.
    And I spoke to out quadrant captain AND the local paper (even got a full page published) about the fact that you could have ALL BLACK officers down here, and STILL, they’d be called “racist”.

    It’s not about BLACK and WHITE (per se), but rather BLACK vs BLUE (as in law-enforcement).
    I don’t know HOW many lawsuits I’ve seen brought against our FWPD all for doing it’s JOB.
    And this s**t goes on every single week.

    The police chief has the department walking on eggshells, for fear of “upsetting” the black community…while all the time, these people are given a “free pass”, when it comes to LAWS they should be FOLLOWING.
    One such example was an officer being called into I.A. (internal affiars) and persuaded NOT to ticket people for walking down the MIDDLE OF THE STREET, instead of the sidewalks (TNB).

    I hope to hell MORE police departments follow this officer (and department’s) lead and take it to the people and say ENOUGH is TRULY ENOUGH.
    LET them do the job we’ve PAID them for…period.

    Sorry to rant, but it’s past due .

    Again, my hat’s off to these officers!

  3. niviusvir Says:

    Thanks for the comment apollonian. I love your point about “racism” being loyalty.

    “Rant” away Bob. That’s what we’re here for. What you’re saying is interesting.

  4. mythslayer Says:

    There is no solution to this invasion obviously BECAUSE it is part of “the plan” by the powers that be.

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