Band of Brothas

These young, Houston lads were out having quite a bit of “fun.”


3 Responses to “Band of Brothas”

  1. Alleged?

    C’mon now….gimme a break.

    The sad thing about this, is that those five “working-class” chaps are now in the hoosegow, and not “gainfully employed” any longer…another sign of tough economic times?
    Nah…just damn fine POLICE WORK!

    And how much you wanna bet these five are ORIGINALLY from New Orleans (post-Katrina)???
    Damn fine police work…!

  2. mythslayer Says:

    Yep, It’s all the car owners fault for leaving something visible that these shitskins can see and be tempted by and made to steal. Too bad they didnt electrify their door handles. That would have been some JUSTICE.

  3. Park on the roof of garages where even 2 digit IQ’s know
    they could be observed from a distance.

    You might also want to remove from car anything with your home address (e.g. registration) and your garage door opener.


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