You Can’t Put Our Fires Out, Unless You’re Black


Racial quotas and requirements do not fit into a system of fairness. These types of policies are racist themselves. They focus on the color of the skin, and not on the ability of the person.

If I am to have my brain operated on, I prefer the man or woman that is best prepared and qualified for the extremely important task. I do not want an incompetent, black surgeon whittling on my brain because “snivel” rights activist feel his or her skin color has entitled them to do so. I feel the same way about the people combating fires that threaten my life and my home.

For quite some time, police officers have been the ones “handcuffed”, due to the many destructive policies of “fair treatment.” Now there is a case that will soon be heard in front of the Supreme Court. A group of firefighters are suing because of “reverse discrimination” i.e. plain ol’ discrimination.

Keep your eyes on Attorney General, Eric Holder. He is going to continue his subtle efforts of “reverse discrimination.” He is apparently Obama’s right hand man. He’s “down with the cause.”

I am not particularly a fan of Sean Hannity but, this case is interesting.


One Response to “You Can’t Put Our Fires Out, Unless You’re Black”

  1. N/V:
    This WILL be interesting to watch as my nephew is in the DCFD.
    Also, don’t think for one minute that this EXACT same scenario isn’t playing out in the POLICE DEAPRTMENTS across the nation’s larger cities and towns, because it IS.

    New Haven’s a nice place…been there a few times (back in the 70s), but, like many other towns, has changed over the last 30 years with the influx of more minorities.
    And the “crying the blues” that accompanies them.

    Enough with the “po me” bullshit…you want something bad enough…WORK FOR IT…learn to make sacrifices in order to achieve something, like the rest of us.
    You might just get it…and APPRECIATE It in the process.

    But that’s just *my* opinion.


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