Look Out Charles Bronson!

You would certainly have your hands full, owning and defending a business close to, or in a black neighborhood. That is just what Lance Thomas did – defend his business and self. The criminals kept coming, and he kept stacking bodies.

Click here to read a bit about this man that has been referred to as a “modern day gunfighter” and “Charles Bronson.”


3 Responses to “Look Out Charles Bronson!”

  1. I can relate to Lance’s story., as to how he changed over time.

    The people (read criminals) who are a nuisance in my neighborhood ONLY are alive by the grace of God…and MY restraint.
    But should the need arise, there will be trouble.

    THEY will have started it.
    But I shall finish it.

    I used to be a lot different person as well, but today, I also limit my contacts and exposure to others.
    And I’m as average a citizen as you would have.
    In 56 years…no arrests and no trouble with the law whatsoever.
    (thank my late parents for that)

    Good video.

  2. bob g. i can relate ….also, i never leave my bed room with out a side arm, mainly because it is our duty to protect our loved ones besides ourselves….therefore i legally carry a saxd45 , a walther ppks 380 as well as a s&w686 loaded with glaser saftey slugs. each is crimson traced . i also maintain a state of sobriety to facilitate dispatch of any thugs and train once a month as i am on a fixed income. peace through superior firepower……

  3. Dude..! Charlie Bronson was the man in those ol movies, but I gotta give it to Lance, he is the real deal… one son of a gun, the women must be wild about him, I know I am…well done in taking out the trash.

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