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Teacher Staffer Commits Sex Crime Against Child, Found With Knife and Gun on Campus!

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A Memphis school staffer was arrested shortly after the assistant principle, both for sex crimes against children.


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Boiling Mad!

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Ernest Haleem Smith doused his sleeping girlfriend with boiling water, and then commenced to beating her with the pot! This happened in the Memphis area.



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Assailant Found Guilty in Shooting Cop 7 Times

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A young Negroid man shares “cultural diversity” with a police officer – seven times!


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Former Commissioner Pulls Gun Because of Closed Checkout Lines

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A Miami area Winn-Dixie was the site where a former city commissioner pulled a gun after not enough checkout lines were open.

Fitzroy Salesman

Fitzroy Salesman

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Mammy Abuses Chidrens

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This occurred in Las Vegas.

Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill

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Man Kidnaps and Kills Niece

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Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured (Update)

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A while back I posted a story about an ex-CIA contractor being beaten to death by a group of males, in the Washington, DC area (Ex-CIA Contractor Beaten to Death, Wife Severely Injured), and his wife nearly suffered the same fate. She thankfully survived.

In the post I took a vote. I asked if the people reading the post believed the assailants were minorities. By using our amazingly accurate stereotyping skills, one hundred percent of us voted that the assailants were minorities. They have made arrests in the case. And to the surprise of very few – they were in fact, minorities. Congratulations on your powers of deduction, all of those that voted.

Click here for the update of the story, and the inevitable outcome that we all foresaw.


Guns Blazing Between Kids

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I almost believe somewhere in their minds, the Negroids feel as if they have greater strength and stamina than the Grim Reaper himself. Although they are too senseless to realize the inevitability of the obvious outcome of mortality, they continue to behave as if life is not frail. As if it is something that can be slammed and beaten. This is their nature, and nothing can be done to change how they are.

And people bullshit themselves into thinking blacks are the same as everyone else. They are highly aggressive by nature. They can’t even look at each other without wanting to kill one another. They are filled with indelible animosity. They continue to prove people like myself right, everyday.

It rains death wherever they roam. I will continue to point this out, and they will continue to provide me mountains of corroboration. They are a plain and simple danger to society.

I remember when you fought, and that was it. That’s not how the Negroid children in Shreveport handle matters. These are kids! I did not even dream of insanity like this when I was their age.

This is so absurd, that I cannot believe it! These people are absolutely dangerous to any community.

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Illegal Alien and Murderer, Set Free (after only four years served!)

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In the Washington, DC area, Roberto Dueno Puerto an illegal alien from Cuba killed and tortured a women, stabbing her over fifty times. After this act of savagery he was convicted to a life sentence, of which he only served a mere four years!

The family of the victim state that he has an extensive criminal history. They also point out that there is ample evidence indicating his guilt. Records do in fact show that he did check in with her at the hotel where she was murdered. He used her credit cards immediately before and after the murder.

He will soon be free as a bird. They will send him back to Cuba, and he will be back in the United States in no time.

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Man Shoots Burglar Breaking Into Car

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In Richmond, VA, Eric G. Driver Jr., a VCU student, shot and killed another man breaking into his girlfriend’s car.

Eric G. Driver Jr.

Eric G. Driver Jr.

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