Man Murders Siblings, One 5-Year-Old is Beheaded



A man who was just recently released from jail, murdered two of his siblings, and in all likelihood would have murdered the third had it not been for police officers shooting him dead.

The news station that created this video, did not mention within it (the video), the fact that the assailant beheaded his sister while it was witnessed by police officers. WBZ did not report this “minor” detail in their video however, they did report it in the accompanying article.

“As police burst into their apartment, they allegedly saw the girls’ brother, 23-year-old Kerby Revelus, decapitating his 5-year-old sister.”

Click here for the story with video.


One Response to “Man Murders Siblings, One 5-Year-Old is Beheaded”

  1. Saint Michael aka moviedude Says:

    Bruthers keeping it real n shit…..

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