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Educational Assistant Revealed to be “Pedder”

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A former Hamilton County, TN, Educational Assistant, was arrested by Nashville authorities on child sex charges.

Click here for more on the story, from local news.

Man Murders Siblings, One 5-Year-Old is Beheaded

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A man who was just recently released from jail, murdered two of his siblings, and in all likelihood would have murdered the third had it not been for police officers shooting him dead.

The news station that created this video, did not mention within it (the video), the fact that the assailant beheaded his sister while it was witnessed by police officers. WBZ did not report this “minor” detail in their video however, they did report it in the accompanying article.

“As police burst into their apartment, they allegedly saw the girls’ brother, 23-year-old Kerby Revelus, decapitating his 5-year-old sister.”

Click here for the story with video.

Give Me All of Your Money – And Your Badge Too ?!

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“He Just Wanted to Up His Body Count.” / Considerable Difference

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MANGAN’S blog has been added, it is another place you can go to for genuine free speech. In their recent post, they are discussing the force feeding of cultural diversity to us.

“He Just Wanted to ‘Up His Body Count’.”

Florida, another once beautiful paradise is becoming uglier with every passing year, thanks to diversity. Cuban gangs and African American gangs are trying to meet their “blood quota” in the sunshine state.

Considerable Difference

Opie Taylor

Opie Taylor

For those of you too young to realize it, once upon a time there was a world in which you or your loved ones could walk to the store without having to at least consider, the possibility of being murdered during the trip. A world in which you did not have to worry about your wife or sister being raped. A world that was not governed by societal refuse, with the mental capacity of ten-year-old armed and dangerous delinquents, wearing blue and red bandannas.

That world was located geographically where the United States of America is today. The time was an antebellum period. A period prior to our ideas of life, versus theirs.

Individual races, have individual perceptions of the ideal order of human existence. We, as a race, a distinct breed of humans, do not view life the same as other races. The dividing gap between some races is far greater than others.

Many “minorities” laugh at the idea of children coming home to have dinner with their families. The thought of such an organized society makes their skin crawl. They have mocked whites by calling them June Cleaver, or Opie Taylor, in the past. I’ve heard blacks in the past refer to whites as “Opie Taylor mother fuckers.”

Opie, many of us know, was the soft spoken little boy on the Andy Griffith show from the 60’s, that was always ready to please authority figures in order to abide by our laws. Blacks were, and are, attempting to “insult” you by referring to you as the relatively obedient and respectful son of a lawman i.e. Opie. Their attempt at insult I feel, was not solely based on the appearance of Opie, but also on his behavior.

Since when was it an insult to obey the laws of society, and listen to your parents? I always felt that every time a black would hear a white say, shucks, they would cringe. They attack anything that appears civilized.

They laughed about it all. This demonstrates their contempt for an orderly life. They consider anything contrary to the rules of the animal kingdom, foul. They resist it by nature. So now, some of our children see them laugh, and begin themselves, to see the “humor.” They laugh, and the poisoning of the culture begins.

A black once sent me a message, not knowing I was white, I believe. In the message he seemed to have disdain for the people in Country music and their attempt to keep filth out of their lives and the lives of their fans. This was what he sent.

“pause this shit at 0:03 and try not to laugh. While you’re looking at the paused image, think of the facts: Here’s your average Anglo-Saxon collecting a check up in Nashville making safe white music for Wal-Mart shoppers which desire a “sanitized” environment, insulated from the real world.”

I think to myself, what is his definition of the “real world”. My instincts tell me it is a sinister realm. A realm that sees something it could never coexist with, something it must devour. I’m not sure about you, but I can hear real contempt in the above words, contempt for responsible adults trying to keep their children from being poisoned.

The overwhelming majority of children purchasing rap garbage, (some call it music) are white. If you have a generation of children listening to, and being influenced by garbage, guess what the outcome will be. If you care about the future of society at all, don’t buy this trash!

Nothing on Earth is more powerful than influence. Blacks are not shy about being heard, and influencing. Whites need to relearn this themselves.

Consider the fact that our sixteenth president has influenced generations. Many people are always citing quotes from Abraham Lincoln when it fits their agenda; I will do the same.


“You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly,many of them living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”

-Address on Colonization to a Deputation of Negroes in Washington, D.C. on August 14,1862, Abraham Lincoln.

In Lincoln’s own words, coexistence would lead to suffering on both sides. How prophetic he certainly was.

Cop Killer was Child Molester/Rapist Too

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“The South Africa Sucks” blog has been added to the blog roll. You will find brutal honesty there: just the way we like it.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you have concern for your race, consider our brothers in South Africa and their struggles. Listen to what they have to say. In particular the post, “colour of crime in South Africa” should paint some realities of the black race in your mind. Listen to the admonishments of others! Click here to read it.

An entire ocean away from us the story does not change: we still observe blacks attacking whites. Absorb the story. I simply want you to realize the dangers these people pose.

Click here to witness a white lady’s beaten face at the hands of another African.

Also, the boys over at “Detroit is Crap” have a classic case of a savage beating a white woman to a pulp. She used mace, but it did not slow the beast. Click here to see this video.

“Cultural Diversity” Kidnaps Family

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This is no joke. This family is very lucky to be alive. This is reminiscent of Afghanistan or Iraq!

Blacks Hail Cop Killer as Hero

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Cop Killer and Molester

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Ghetto Adventure

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Enjoy these videos.

Not in This Courtroom, Mutha!

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Watch, as this Florida judge explodes over his bench to make a beautiful tackle on an assailant.