Some Know What Seperates us From Them – Weapons for Self Defense

Ken Dunkin

Ken Dunkin

Ken Dunkin and guess who.

Ken Dunkin and guess who.

Illinois state lawmaker Ken Dunkin, is proposing a bill that would require gun owners to to carry personal liability insurance of at least $1 million.

He is a part of the dark plague, attempting to hinder the right to defend ones’ self. The savage knows the majority of legal gun owners are white, and therefore will be the group most affected by this. I’m sure the abundance of crime committing Negroids throughout the country will be forced to retire from the robbery and rape “business” after becoming aware of this law. It’s only taken them thousands of years but, the savage is learning how to manipulate our system at high levels.

Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Barack Obama’s fellow mulatto and choice for attorney general, Eric Holder, will certainly try to make legal gun ownership as difficult as possible for law abiding citizens i.e. whites.

Obama tipped his hand regarding this subject with the “cling to guns or religion” comment.

Can’t you see these mulattoes are breeding their way into positions of authority? After they reach these positions, it’s time for payback.


2 Responses to “Some Know What Seperates us From Them – Weapons for Self Defense”

  1. Sounds like South Africa is coming to the U.S. I am willing to stick my neck out and say, the next 4 years will see support for the right in the U.S grow exponentially.

  2. I agree Johnzoil. I think it will become apparent to even the most naive, obstinate and foolish, we all need the right to defend ourselves.

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