The Ol’ Nab Them While They Jog Tactic

Sara Kuszak, 36

Sara Kuszak, 36

Sara Kuszak, 36, called her fiance while entombed in the trunk of a car, to let him know she was going to die. This, according to her mother near San Jose, CA.

Sara was the five months pregnant, fiance of a yacht-captain. Her and Cheshire McIntosh, lived in Savannah, GA, she recently moved from San Francisco.

She was jogging in Puerto Rico. Sometime during this jog she had a horrifying encounter with a dark creature. The type of creature that so many believe to only exist, within the deep recesses of their minds. This evil being however was unfortunately, frighteningly real in the world of Ms. Kuszak, soon to be Mrs. McIntosh.

After being kidnapped, she was forced into the trunk of a vehicle. It is from there, she placed her last call to her love. Her mom also said, “She knew she didn’t have a chance with this man. You can just imagine the agony they were both going through, to say goodbye to each other.”

Her body was discovered Wednesday: her throat had been, yes – you guessed it, slashed. The FBI used the emitted signal from her futile cellphone call for help, to pinpoint her location.


A “man” was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and rape of Ms. Kuszak and her baby. This thing goes by the name, Eliezer Marquez, he’s thirty-six years old. He was arrested with the blood stained clothes he wore during the slaughter.


A police officer said, ” He told me he felt bad because he didn’t know (Kuszak) was pregnant,” the officer added, “He was crying and telling me he was sorry because he has a daughter and knew he had made a big mistake.”

His position is bewildering; She was pregnant?!?! Had I known that, I would never have done that! What kind of absurd shit is that? He was an evil thing, lurking about. He’s been caught. In my opinion, there is no excuse, no sorry, no feeling bad. Feeling bad about something should be reserved for incidents like stepping on someone’s foot – not kidnapping, raping and slashing a pregnant woman’s throat!


He faces “up to” life in prison. Life in prison? For a butchering of a woman and her child? A “healthy” serving of death is in order for anybody, that would commit something like this. It would truly be just that, healthy – healthy for society.

In one of the couple’s acquaintance’s words, “She was always somebody who didn’t have a lot of fear in her.”

How often have you heard that? You shouldn’t let fear rule you but, you better not completely ignore it either. Dog is not man’s best friend – fear is.


4 Responses to “The Ol’ Nab Them While They Jog Tactic”

  1. It’s timely that you mention the efficacy of fear, I just started reading a great book called “The Gift of Fear”. In it the author points out why fear is so necessary in our lives and how to use it to “live without fear”.

    It sounds a little odd I know but it is a wonderful book and should be read by all who are concerned about their own personal safety or the safety of the ones they love.

  2. Hi NiviusVir,
    Befriended you on youtube the other day, first visit to your Blog. It’s already added to my favs. Keep up the good and vital work!

    Best regards,

  3. It shows the danger we all face with Affirmitive Action/Political Correctness. As truth is replaced with indoctrination, our women and children (and some men) will be exposed not only to new dangers, they can also be sure of ineffective Politically Correct investigations (should they become victims), which, will no doubt lead to the dangerous not being caught or correctly punished if caught, for fear of upsetting the ‘enrichers’ and the Looneys that fawn all over them. These are dangerous times for the innocent!

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