Elderly Greeter at Wal-Mart Assaulted by African American Cop!

Kenneth Freeman is a Chattanooga police officer. Freeman assaulted a 71 year old Wal-Mart greeter. The elderly Bill Walker was shoved to the ground after having the audacity to ask to see the African American’s receipt. Just prior to that, Walker had checked the receipt of Freeman’s fellow officer, with no problem.

I’m sure this African American cop probably felt threatened by this 5’4″ 71 year old man. Watch him, after shoving him down, he closes in on him and towers over him in a threatening manner, in order to demonstrate his superior dominance over the old and feeble man.

How Freeman can have a job after doing that, is beyond me. What kind of scoundrel goes around beating on the elderly, especially considering the fact that he’s a police officer? The type of scoundrel that does not belong outside of a cage, in my opinion.

As usual, this disgruntled African American has had a past of warning signs, yet they were obviously ignored. He was involved in a scuffle with an attorney in the summer of 2007, which he was cleared.

Watch this beast attack an elderly human. I’m just glad there was so many people there. If they were not there, I’m sure the savage would have went further.

Something that I just noticed is, it appears a real man comes to the aid of the little old man, and the Negroid’s savage anger is then focused on him.


7 Responses to “Elderly Greeter at Wal-Mart Assaulted by African American Cop!”

  1. Here we go again. Give one a badge and gun and they think they are above the law. Like I do not have to talk to the Wal-Mart greeter like anyone else has to.
    “Oz Be too important for Da’z. Master let off de plantion to be a cop”

    Beating up an old man 1/2 his size. Who is doing his job.

  2. Truth be told Wal-Mart “greeters” can be pretty assertive (to put it mildly). I won’t allow anyone in my household to shop there.

    My understanding of this story, however, is that this “greeter” put his hand on the cops shoulder in order to restrain him because he wouldn’t show his receipt.

    Isn’t that stuff in the bag his property? why should he have to show his receipt to anyone? Also at what point in a transaction does the property you just purchased fall under the legal protection against unreasonable searches. Warrant anybody.

    Why is it Wal-Mart “greeters” can get away with offensive touching because someone didn’t submit to their unwarranted search? And why can’t we defend ourselves from their attack?

    I don’t care for cops, but I sure do wish more people would put these “greeters” in their place and explain to them that when somebody is walking out of a store with there private items they don’t have to submit to unconstitutional searches.

    • niviusvir Says:

      They can certainly be bothersome at times. I do think attacking a 5’4″ 71 year old is just a wee bit much though. Someone needed to tell him, easy big man, we know you can physically dominate the old man. The word temperance has no relevance in today’s society.

  3. Because when you make the bells go off you have to show the receipt.
    It is not an unreasonable search b/c some people put things in the bags that were not paid for.

    Had this cop been a “Greeter” He would of beat the person down that did not stop for him. offensive touching ??? He was tring to stop him before he left he had that right.

    They DO have to submit to what you call ” unconstitutional searches.” If they are making the bells go off. If you did not make people do this the stroe would be robbed blind.

    The cop just thought he was too important to have to do this. Something he would of put someone else in jail for not doing.

  4. niviusvir Says:

    Good point, Fourteen.

    To me this shouldn’t even be discussed. I think anyone, regardless of race, needs tied to a tree and horsewhipped for attacking an elder. If your that impulsively aggressive with a little old man, you’ve got a screw missing!

  5. Fourteenknuckles – I hadn’t seen this particular video. The one I saw never mentioned that he (the cop) made the buzzer go off. And I will certainly concede that a store has the right to take measures to protect it’s products from being stolen.

    My complaint is that without any reason – like a bell going off – these stores will ask you for your receipt and search your property. It is that type of thing I have a problem with.

    And again if somebody puts their hand on you – without reason – in an attempt to impede your movement then that can constitute an offensive act even if they don’t “hurt” you as such.

    However, I do think that “da brudder” was seriously out of line. And given the circumstances as I now understand them the cop committed a criminal act.

    And your right Nivusvir attacking the weak and elderly is quite dastardly and regardless of race they should indeed be horsewhipped. I say cainning should be brought here and we could have the people from Singapore show us how to do it right

  6. Healthy Distrust Says:

    Sorry, Fourteenknuckles, you are incorrect. A store security alarm is not a magic theft detector, and customers are under no obligation to stop because a robotic voice asks them to return to the store. The Constitution has nothing to do with it, however, as the Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches applies only to the government and its agents, not to other private citizens such as Wal-Mart greeters.

    State shoplifting laws allow stores a “merchant’s privilege” to detain someone suspected of theft if they can meet the legal burden of probable cause or reasonable suspicion/reasonable grounds (depending on your state) that a crime has been committed. Either standard requires some sort of evidence of theft. Electronic article surveillance alarms are a theft deterrent, since professional shoplifters don’t want to call attention to themselves, but they are by no means a reliable indicator of theft. Just like nuisance car alarms, they cry wolf too often to be given any heed.

    The greeter was wrong to step in front of Freeman and put his hand on the detective. However, a measured response — a stern verbal warning followed by simply walking away, would have been more appropriate than forcibly shoving the man. Just because someone’s elderly doesn’t mean the law no longer applies to them. What the greeter was attempting was illegal detainment. Because the officer wigged out, he didn’t succeed.

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