Another Black Racist Making Money Off of White Kids

Ice Cube at one time, was a “hardcore gangster” rapper. He was a killa from LA. Now he makes cute kiddie movies, almost Disney like. In this song he rapped about white women, or as he referred to them, cave bitches.

Listen to the racism directed towards the white women in this song. And now he’s doing children’s movies?

The man speaking in the intro is none other than our good friend, Khalid Muhammad, the same Barracuda on our front post.

This is the original killer all of the kiddies came to know.

This is the original killer all of the kiddies came to know.

This is the modern day Ice Cube, just a friendly wholesome family entertainer.

The new Ice Cube

Here is what Mr.Cube thinks of white women, like many blacks.

Intro: Dr. Khalid Muhammed(the same brotha on The Cave’s main post)
Give me a black goddess sister I can’t resist her. No stringy haired, blonde
hair, blue eyed, pale skinned buttermilk complexion. Grafted, recessive,
depressive, ironing board backside straight up and straight down. No
frills, no thrills, Miss six o’clock, subject to have the itch, mutanoid,
caucazoid, white cave bitch…
Verse One: Ice Cube
Ease back white bitch, I don’t play that
Just because I got on my L.A. hat
Stalkin’ walking in my big black boots
Is my jingle, now you want Mandingo
Big, black and handsome
I should hold your devil ass for ransome
Sorta like Patty Herst, but I’ll burst first bitch
And you know what’s worse
I’m coming from the land where the choppers roam
So phuck you bitch and your Coppertone
Stringy hair – no derrier – frontin’ and fakin’ with your silicone pair
Do I wanna phuck? Not hardly
That’s kinda like Barbie phuckin’ Bob Marley
It ain’t gonna happen, I keep rappin’
Muthaphuck Teniell, but see I’m the Captain of this ship
And I’m true to the game
Y’all all look the same
Standin’ by my backstage door, hopin’ that’ll switch
Spread out you little cave bitch
Verse Two: Ice Cube
Why everytime we get famous
You wanna play us like Andy and Amos?
The devil sent you to try and tame us
But you can’t tame me, with no bitch named Amy
Lookin’ for the dark meat
But ho, I ain’t tryin’ to go out like Barkely
Cuz everytime I turn on the TV
I see several brothers with she-devils
Smilin’ cuz you out on a date
But sooner or later, the bitch’ll yell rape
Soon as daddy found out you a jigaboo
He’ll kill like he did Emmitt Till
Yah, he tried to kick bass
But the bitch probably threw it in his face
Sargent Bale ain’t nothin’ but a trick
Nasty as hell, stanky little cave bitch
Verse Three:
Now don’t think that I hate you
Cuz I won’t date you, bitch I gotta stay true
You can be a fan, but don’t expand
And try to get my dick in your hand
You better run to the minute man
Pale as snow, so act like y’know
Cuz if I slap it, flip it, and rub it like that
Yeah, it gotta be black
Plus yo ass too flat
I need a butt big enough that can clap
You can’t get mine ho
I’d rather phuck an albino
Atleast I know, she’s comin’ from the Nubian
And not the Ku Klux Klan that you be in
And I don’t give a fuck if your family is rich
You’re still a little cave bitch

February 3, 2009 at 9:14 pm e

This doesn’t shock me anymore niviusvir. I’m just stocking up on bullets just in case a civil/world war breaks out cause of obama getting killed don’t call me crazy cause world war 1 started cause of a assassination

World war because : Obama is a muslim/black/white

Civil war because hes black and white and it might turn into a race war

niviusvir Says:
February 3, 2009 at 9:55 pm e

Arming yourself is common sense in this country. I agree with you, one should always be armed.

All one has to do is simply reflect back upon many of this country’s riots and chaos created by certain groups of people i.e. looting, arson, shooting, stabbing, rape etc. to realize that arming ones’ self is simple prudence.

I feel all law abiding citizens should be armed. Everyone with good intentions should consider taking gun permit classes. The many unruly blacks are certainly armed, if someone was to not believe that, all they would have to do is take a trip to the city morgue.


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